The best fundraising ideas are often the simplest. When it comes to raising money for your school, local netball team or favourite charity, it's important to remember that people love joining in and having fun. Whether it's your kinder parents or work colleagues, think about what they may like to do and you will discover many great ideas for fundraising drives that will encourage them to dig deep.

A few fundraising ideas to help you get the ball rolling:

Grow seedlings for your school fete

Step 1: Purchase your Yates Raise A Patch fundraising boxes

Step 2: Start collecting some small garden pots. If you need to, you can reuse plastic containers like margarine tubs/ tomato punnets. Or be creative and find old shoes, teacups, etc.

Step 3: Wash your containers well before you start. Poke some drainage holes in the base. Pull on your gardening gloves and fill each container with Yates Seed Raising Mix. The mix should be moist before you handle it. If its dry, be sure to water it with a watering can.

Step 4: Choose some seeds from your Yates Raise A Patch boxes and sow them into the seed raising mix, following the directions on the seed packet

What to sow? In Spring sow tomatoes and basil and in Autumn mixed lettuce etc. We have a seed planting calendar on our website 

Tip: Make sure you put a label on each pot (otherwise you might forget what you have planted.)

Organise a Planting Day

Organise a planting day with your school or community. You can then sell the seeds from your Yates Raise A Patch and get everyone out in the garden, planting together. It's a wonderful way to bring everyone together and experience the joy of gardening. 

Organise a fresh market stall

Speak to all your friends, families and invite them to a Fresh Market Fair. All of your customers who have successfully grown produce by using the seeds from your Yates Raise A Patch fundraiser, can sell their produce at the market. You can then have all proceeds going to your nominated charity!

Host a cooking demonstration

Put your hand up if you love food! This is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Invite your friends, families and students to a cooking demonstration where you can show how they can to use the fresh produce they have grown in their own gardens. It always tastes better when its fresh from the garden.

Organise a floral craft day

Get the kids involved in a floral craft day! Using beautiful fresh flowers to create flower headbands and beautiful floral arrangements. It's a great opportunity to inspire kids with what they can make with flowers they grow.



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